The Gratl & Company Team

Toby Rauch-Davis

Toby joined Gratl & Company as an Associate Lawyer in September 2017 after articling with the firm.  He has since acted as co-counsel in three long and successful trials of intricate complexity and negotiated advantageous resolutions of four other complex and weighty matters.

Toby has a keen interest in civil and criminal law litigation, especially civil cases involving aspects of criminal law.  Toby will not allow his interest in going to trial to prevent an advantageous settlement for a client.  He dedicates his practice to advancing his client’s interests in a practical, timely and results-oriented manner.

Toby graduated from Thompson Rivers University in 2016. He enjoyed academic success as a member of the faculty’s Dean’s List and was selected as an editor for the faculty’s Canadian Journal of Comparative and Contemporary Law. In his spare time, Toby enjoys music and is an avid guitar player.